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Our immunity is the body’s defence and repair system. We have an innate ability to keep ourselves free from infection and disease. This year, it is a hot topic as we look to keep ourselves healthy in the light of COVID. Having a healthy immune system is also essential to create immunity from the vaccine

A Glowing Hydrafacial Review from Pageant Queen Jessica Ford…

As a young woman competing in beauty pageants, ensuring I feel as confident as possible is extremely important. Before I discovered Hampton Clinic, I was incredibly insecure about my undereye bags and tired looking skin, it would really show up when I was doing photoshoots. I was at a loss on how to fix the


Is Moisturiser Ageing Your Skin?

Traditional moisturiser, that you buy over the counter is a barrier cream. It sits on the surface of the skin, creating a dependency that results in acquired dryness and increasing the rate of aging. “My skin feels dry, I couldn’t live with-out it” you cry! For the last half a century, we have been lied


What is Morpheus? What is Fractora?

Morpheus and Fractora are brand names for “fractional radiofrequency” they are both the same procedure but simply vary in intensity. Fractional radiofrequency is skin needling with radiofrequency energy applied through the needles. When you perform skin needling, multiple tiny needles pierce the skin creating little injuries. Just as when you cut yourself, it heals with


A Skincare Consultation at Hampton Clinic

After being welcomed to the Clinic by our super friendly staff and relaxing with a coffee in our tranquil reception area, you will be invited into the consulting room. The first thing I like to establish, is: what are your concerns? What do you want to achieve? For some it is simply to maintain a


How do you choose a reputable and safe aesthetic practitioner?

Anyone considering aesthetic procedures should do plenty of research on what treatment they want and the person who will be performing it. You should check your practitioner has their claimed qualifications, for doctors you can look on the GMC register and nurses have a nursing register, the NMC. Make sure they are registered, qualified and