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After being welcomed to the Clinic by our super friendly staff and relaxing with a coffee in our tranquil reception area, you will be invited into the consulting room. The first thing I like to establish, is: what are your concerns? What do you want to achieve? For some it is simply to maintain a

How do you choose a reputable and safe aesthetic practitioner?

Anyone considering aesthetic procedures should do plenty of research on what treatment they want and the person who will be performing it. You should check your practitioner has their claimed qualifications, for doctors you can look on the GMC register and nurses have a nursing register, the NMC. Make sure they are registered, qualified and


The ZO Fundamental Five

ZO skincare is suitable for all skin types, whether simply to maintain a healthy complexion, or to deal with problematic or ageing skin. Whatever the indication, everybody will start with the same 5 fundamental steps which will be tailored to your individual skin type. With these basic steps in place, we can then add in


What is the best Facial for acne? Dr Hill explains why we love the famous Hydrafacial

I have spent over 25 years working as a doctor with a special interest in skin. I think the psychological impact of having acne at whatever age is often overlooked. I have many clients come to the clinic looking for help with their skin, and one of the most frequently asked questions is “which is


Acne Treatment and Prevention

We do have a vast array of skincare treatments at the clinic, but before we embark upon a journey of restoration with in-house treatments, I think it is essential to establish a good skincare regimen at home, to be able to optimise results. There are several points I like to address in the first consultation:


How much does Coolsculpting cost?

Do you feel frustrated that you can’t get a simple answer to this question? There is a good reason why not, there isn’t a straight-forward answer! That is why you are usually encouraged to come and see us for a complimentary consultation, so we can explain everything in detail. At Hampton Clinic you will be