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We’ve been so excited to announce the arrival of our new Celluma LED light machines. Whether it’s just for your face, neck and decolletage or your whole body from top to toe, these healing lights offer a myriad of benefits (and a chance to relax and unwind while they work their magic!) If you’re bothered

10 Tips for Lowering Your Blood Pressure Naturally by Dr Sally Bell

The following recommendations are important for lowering your blood pressure without medication or salt restriction. Use these diet and lifestyle approaches to improve your blood pressure naturally. Reduce excessive refined carbohydrate and/or sugar intake High blood sugar and insulin resistance contribute to the development of hypertension Stick to whole-food carbohydrates like potatoes, sweet potatoes, and


Foods for younger skin and fewer wrinkles – By Dr Sally Bell

With the temperature finally warming up and the days extending their borders, we often start paying attention to our skin and seek to protect it from the sun. We know that exposure to ultraviolet light can cause skin cancer and speed up ageing, and we are all reaching for sun protection, but are there other


Top Tips For Boosting Immunity From Dr Sally Bell

Our immunity is the body’s defence and repair system. We have an innate ability to keep ourselves free from infection and disease. This year, it is a hot topic as we look to keep ourselves healthy in the light of COVID. Having a healthy immune system is also essential to create immunity from the vaccine


A Glowing Hydrafacial Review from Pageant Queen Jessica Ford…

As a young woman competing in beauty pageants, ensuring I feel as confident as possible is extremely important. Before I discovered Hampton Clinic, I was incredibly insecure about my undereye bags and tired looking skin, it would really show up when I was doing photoshoots. I was at a loss on how to fix the


Is Moisturiser Ageing Your Skin?

Traditional moisturiser, that you buy over the counter is a barrier cream. It sits on the surface of the skin, creating a dependency that results in acquired dryness and increasing the rate of aging. “My skin feels dry, I couldn’t live with-out it” you cry! For the last half a century, we have been lied