Dr Sally Bell

Dr Sally Bell

GP Specialising in Lifestyle and Integrative Medicine



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Dr Sally Bell qualified as a doctor in 1999, trained as a GP and spent three years as an aid worker in Darfur and Uganda. She then spent eight years as an inner city GP and still today works part-time in NHS urgent care.


“So many people that I meet are feeling frustrated about their health. I’ve faced my own health crises and I know what it feels like to be confused. But who should we turn to for help?

I’ve been a doctor for over twenty years, helping hundreds of people to recover their health. I can tell you that there are no silver bullets. There is no diet, superfood or health fad that alone is going to fix you.

Since 2016, I have been guiding people back to health using an integrative medical approach. I draw from my training in conventional, functional and lifestyle medicine. It is an integrated and comprehensive way of treating the whole of you.

You need to understand five factors that fundamentally impact your health. In my experience, you won’t get healthy, or stay healthy, unless you are prepared to address all five. 

The five foundations of health are:

  • Nutrition 
  • Movement 
  • Sleep 
  • Rest
  • Connection

I take time to listen. 

I treat you not your disease.

I seek out the root cause instead of treating symptoms.

I create a bespoke plan with you that will work for your situation. 

I guide you back towards enjoying a health-filled life.


I want to help people regain their health. It’s that simple. “


For more information about Sally’s services, or to book a consultation, please contact Hampton Clinic on 01675 760644 or info@hamptonclinic.co.uk