Profhilo is the latest skin remodelling treatment that delivers visible results in just two sessions. It is designed to not only improve skin tone, texture, hydration and radiance but at the same time it increases firmness and elasticity, leaving you with a healthier and younger-looking complexion. Designed to tackle laxity as well as wrinkles, Profhilo is not simply a filler – it is a new generation of hyaluronic acid gel that delivers dramatic improvement in tissue quality, even in challenging areas, and is complementary to other aesthetic treatments and dermal filler procedures.

It is safe, effective and a true breakthrough in anti-ageing medicines. Not only that, but it actually compliments other aesthetic or cosmetic procedures by significantly improving the tissue quality and has been awarded the Aesthetics Award for Product Innovation of the Year.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Profhilo is similar to a filler but is simply lots of loose chains of hyaluronic acid that diffuse and remain in the skin. The hyaluronic acid, draws water into it, resulting in good hydration of the tissues.

No, Profhilo is not a volumising filler, it is more of a skin treatment to improve the quality of your skin.

The treatment needs to be repeated every 6 months after the initial 2 injections.

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